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At PC Warehouse Nepal, our passion for PC peripherals drives everything we do. We’re dedicated to serving the vibrant and growing community of PC enthusiasts across Nepal. Our mission is simple: to ensure you have access to the best and most relevant information on PC peripherals right at your fingertips. Explore more at PC Warehouse Nepal.

About PC Warehouse Nepal

Founded with the goal of empowering Nepali PC users, PC Warehouse Nepal strives to help you find the best peripherals for your setup. We achieve this by providing in-depth reviews, up-to-date price comparisons, and thorough availability information. Whether you’re building a new PC or upgrading an existing one, we’re here to make your decisions easier and more informed.

Our Value Proposition

At PC Warehouse Nepal, we understand that time and money are of utmost importance. That’s why we tailor our content to save you both. With our help, you can make smart purchasing decisions without the hassle of sifting through endless options.

Our Expertise

Our expertise in PC peripherals is drawn from years of personal experience and continuous industry research. While we may not hold formal certifications, our practical knowledge and keen interest in the latest tech trends set us apart.


We pride ourselves on our transparent approach. All our information comes from reliable sources, including official product websites and trusted retailer listings. We make sure to keep our pricing information up-to-date, noting any potential fluctuations to keep you informed. We also disclose our affiliate relationships upfront, ensuring you know when we benefit from your purchases.

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Who We Are

Though primarily run by myself, a long-time enthusiast of PC technology, PC Warehouse Nepal occasionally features contributions from other local experts—each sharing their unique insights and experiences.

Looking Ahead

We’re constantly evolving. Keep an eye out for new features and services designed to further enhance your experience at PC Warehouse Nepal.

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Feel free to connect with me through a personal message or by visiting our about page to see our team and learn more about our story. Your trust and support motivate us to keep improving and delivering valuable content.