Best Fantech Keyboards in Nepal

Fantech is a renowned brand in the world of gaming peripherals, known for its high-quality products that offer excellent performance and durability. The brand’s keyboards are particularly popular among gamers and tech enthusiasts due to their impressive features and competitive pricing. But what are the best Fantech keyboards in Nepal? Let’s dive in and find out!

Why Choose Fantech Keyboards?

Fantech keyboards are designed with gamers in mind. They offer features such as mechanical keys for tactile feedback, RGB lighting for aesthetics, and programmable keys for customization. These keyboards are also known for their durability, ensuring that they can withstand long gaming sessions.

Unmatched Quality

Fantech keyboards are known for their unmatched quality. They’re built to withstand the rigors of intense gaming sessions, ensuring that they’ll last for years to come.

Innovative Features

Fantech doesn’t just make keyboards—they innovate. With features like anti-ghosting keys, customizable RGB lighting, and ergonomic designs, Fantech keyboards are a gamer’s dream come true.

Fantech Keboards: MAXFIT81 MK910

Best Fantech Keyboards in Nepal

Keyboard Model Pros ConsPrice (NPR)
Fantech MK857 Frost Wireless White – Red Switch Maxfit61 Mechanical KeyboardWireless, compact, and has a unique white design.Might not be suitable for those who prefer wired keyboards.रू7,701
FANTECH MAXFIT81 MK910 WIRELESS BLUETOOTH 75% MECHANICAL KEYBOARD GAMING ABS-White(Red Switch)Wireless and has a compact 75% layout.Some users might prefer a full-sized keyboard.रू15,111
Fantech Hunter-Pro K511 Rainbow Backlit Pro Gaming Keyboard With 12 Advance Multimedia ModeComes with advanced multimedia modes and rainbow backlight.The rainbow backlight might not be to everyone’s liking.रू2,144

Fantech MAXPOWER MK853 Mechanical KeyboardMechanical keyboard with a sleek white design.Mechanical keyboard with a sleek white design.रू6,629
Fantech K210 Multimedia Usb KeyboardAffordable and has multimedia keys.Fantech K210 Multimedia USB Keyboardरू1,071
FANTECH MK876 Mechanical Blue Switch KeyboardMechanical keyboard with blue switches known for their tactile feedback.Blue switches can be loud and might not be suitable for quiet environments.रू 4,386
FANTECH MK876 Mechanical Red Switch KeyboardMechanical keyboard with red switches known for their smooth keystrokes.Red switches lack the tactile feedback that some users might prefer.रू3,999
FANTECH MAXFIT 108 GAMING RGB MECHANICAL KEYBOARD SUPPORT MACRO ANTI-GHOSTINGComes with RGB lighting, macro support, and anti-ghosting features.Some users might find the detachable Type-C connection less secure.रू7,799
FANTECH MAXFIT108 MK855 RGB Mechnical Keyboard-BLACK (BLUE SWITCH)Comes with RGB lighting and blue switches.Some users might prefer a different switch type.रू5,849
Fantech MK857 White RGB Mechnical Keyboard (BLUE SWITCH)Comes with RGB lighting and blue switches in a unique white design.Comes with RGB lighting and blue switches in a unique white design.6,629
List of Fantech gaming keyboards that you can buy in Nepal

The actual experience may vary depending on individual preferences and specific models of the keyboards. Also, the price may vary in different check their official website before buying.

Online Stores

Online shopping platforms like Daraz and SastoDeal offer a wide range of Fantech keyboards. They deliver across Nepal, making it convenient for gamers everywhere.

Local Retailers

For those who prefer to see and feel the product before buying, local retailers in Kathmandu and Pokhara offer a variety of Fantech keyboards.

How to Choose the Best Fantech Keyboard for You?

Consider Your Gaming Needs

Different games require different key configurations. Consider what games you play the most and choose a keyboard that suits those needs.

Check the Keyboard Type

Fantech offers both mechanical and membrane keyboards. Mechanical keyboards are more responsive but also louder, while membrane keyboards are quieter but less tactile.

Maintaining Your Fantech Keyboard

Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning can prolong the life of your keyboard. Use a can of compressed air to remove dust and debris from between the keys.

Proper Handling

Avoid eating or drinking near your keyboard to prevent spills. Also, handle it with care to avoid damaging the keys.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

If you encounter any issues with your Fantech keyboard, such as keys not registering or the RGB lighting not working, it’s recommended to refer to the user manual or contact Fantech’s customer support for assistance.

Are Fantech keyboards worth the price?

Absolutely! Fantech keyboards offer excellent quality and features for their price, making them a great investment for any gamer.

Can I customize the RGB lighting on my Fantech keyboard?

Yes, most Fantech keyboards come with software that allows you to customize the RGB lighting to your liking.

Where can I get my Fantech keyboard repaired in Nepal?

Fantech has several authorized service centers across Nepal where you can get your keyboard repaired.

Are Fantech keyboards good for typing as well?

Yes, Fantech keyboards are not only great for gaming but also provide a comfortable typing experience.

Do Fantech keyboards come with a warranty?

Yes, all Fantech keyboards come with a warranty. The duration of the warranty may vary depending on the model.

Can I use a Fantech keyboard with a console?

Yes, most Fantech keyboards are compatible with consoles. However, you may need an adapter for certain models.

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